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Jadeo Music


5 Konstantinou Palaiologou str
Athens, ATTICA 15236
ph. +302107240338
em. info@jadeomusic.com


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Jadeo Music

About Our Mission

Jadeo Music is an independent music company that aims to enhance the beauty of the music scene of the world. It is a small company by musicians for musicians. We are musicians that took the initiative to find a company to help our friends and other musicians that are worth mentioning to the music world. The idea of three different labels was established in order to separate the genres, that we work into as musicians them selves, in order to deal with them as deeply as they can. Music we like and musicians that worth it and never got in the game because they were busy studying or weren't “industry” material, is what we are after. There are so much good music out there and so many good musicians that it is absolutely sure that we are going to deliver to people, who actually listen to music, the best of what there is out there.

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